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Best 5 Top Pool Table Brands of 2023

Choosing the perfect pool table for your recreational space becomes a breeze when you’re well-versed in the leading brands in the industry. Explore the top pool table brands, and make an informed choice for your gaming haven.

In the thrilling realm of billiards, finding the perfect pool table involves a quest for quality, endurance, and an unforgettable gaming experience. As a fellow enthusiast, I understand the importance of aligning with reputable brands, especially in the UK where the billiards culture runs deep. This article is a personal exploration of the top pool table brands for 2023, shedding light on the exceptional choices available in the UK market.

For centuries, individuals have enjoyed billiards both within the confines of their homes and at nearby pool halls. This timeless game provides an indoor recreational activity devoid of screens, keyboards, or controllers, offering a welcome break from the digital realm.

1.Brunswick top pool table brands

About the Brand:

Brunswick produces an extensive array of leisure items, spanning from boats to pool tables.

Headquartered in Metawa, Illinois, Brunswick Corporation is a reputable manufacturer of a diverse range of recreational products and machinery, notably including pool tables. As the inaugural pool table manufacturer in the U.S., Brunswick has established a renowned reputation for utilizing top-tier materials in the construction of their pool tables. These materials encompass high-quality hardwood, professional-grade fabric, and a robust 1-inch-thick slate.

Each of Brunswick’s pool tables is meticulously crafted to order and provides an extensive range of customization options. This dedication to craftsmanship and personalization places Brunswick pool tables in high demand, positioning them as one of the premium and more costly brands within the pool table market.

Top Products:

  • The Brunswick Glenwood 8ft Pool Table: stands as a prime epitome of Brunswick’s commitment to both quality and personalization. Offering an extensive range of choices, from cloth color and leg style to pocket design, it allows individuals to finely tailor the pool table to seamlessly blend with diverse interior designs. This flexibility in customization underscores Brunswick’s dedication to delivering not only a top-notch product but also a personalized experience for every enthusiast.
  • The Brunswick Black Wolf Pro pool table: is a testament to modern design with its sleek lines, incorporation of dark hardwood, and metal corners. This pool table deviates from the conventional, exuding a contemporary aesthetic unlike the usual traditional pool tables.
  • Brunswick Allenton Pool Table: Allenton is positioned as the most cost-effective choice among Brunswick’s pool tables. Despite its budget-friendly nature, it offers variations in hardwood, cherry, or chestnut finishes, maintaining the brand’s hallmark of quality. Moreover, it includes high-quality, professional-grade felt, ensuring an exceptional gameplay experience.

2. Olhousen top pool table brands

About the Brand: This company, with over five decades of experience, manufactures top-tier pool tables.

Olhausen, headquartered in Portland, Tennessee, has been a stalwart in the industry since 1972, crafting not only billiards tables but also table tennis tables, shuffleboards, and more. Their billiards table collection spans a spectrum of designs, from contemporary to rustic, and incorporates premium materials. Furthermore, they provide a wide array of customization options to cater to individual preferences.

While these premium pool tables offer exceptional quality, they do come at a higher price point, typically ranging between $5,000 and $6,000. This cost reflects their durability and is particularly well-suited for dedicated players seeking a long-lasting investment.

Top Products:

  • Presenting the Olhausen Americana Pool Table: True to its name, this pool table is characterized by gracefully curved legs, a rich deep brown finish, and classic leather net pockets, embodying a traditional aesthetic. Aligning with Olhausen’s reputation for customization, this table offers two distinct pocket style options and a diverse selection of felt colors, allowing enthusiasts to tailor it to their liking.
  • Introducing the Olhausen Hampton Pool Table: A testament to Olhausen’s dedication to craftsmanship and superior felt quality present in their pool table range. The Hampton stands out with its added convenience of drawer storage designed to neatly accommodate cue sticks. Mirroring Olhausen’s customization tradition, this pool table provides choices in felt color and pocket styles, allowing players to personalize their gaming experience.
  • Presenting the Olhausen Bishop Pool Table: An epitome of Olhausen’s diverse collection, the Bishop deviates from conventional aesthetics, embracing a sleek and modern design. As one of the company’s premium offerings, it falls within the higher price range of Olhausen’s pool tables. Remaining true to Olhausen’s commitment to personalization, the Bishop provides an extensive choice of over a dozen finish options, allowing customers to find the perfect match for their preferences.

3. Presidential Billiards

About the Brands: Presidential Billiards pool tables stand out for their wide range of styles and utilization of unique and exotic wood species.

Presidential Billiards, headquartered in Houston and in collaboration with Zimbabwe-based Wilson International, possesses a unique advantage in sourcing a diverse range of hardwoods, surpassing many competitors in the billiards table manufacturing industry. The utilization of exotic woods, such as African mahogany, in crafting the frames, legs, and cabinets of their pool tables sets them apart.

Every table crafted by Presidential Billiards incorporates 1-inch slate and natural gum rubber for the rails, achieving a professional-grade standard comparable to top-tier pool tables. However, the use of these premium materials elevates the pricing of Presidential pool tables, falling within the higher range, typically priced from $4,000 to $7,000.

Top Products:

  • Presidential Billiards Silverton Pool Table: This exemplifies the exceptional use of exotic materials by Presidential Billiards. Crafted from African hardwood, both the table’s rails and cabinet showcase a rustic appearance highlighted by a distinguished gray finish.
  • Presidential Billiards Kariba Pool Table: This pool table effortlessly marries rustic charm with elegance, boasting a sophisticated charcoal brown finish and a minimalist cross leg-style design. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of preferences. Just like other offerings from Presidential, this model is crafted from premium hardwood, featuring a 1-inch-thick slate surface and top-notch bumpers for a superior gameplay experience.
  • Presidential Billiards Roosevelt Pool Table: The Roosevelt embodies a midcentury modern aesthetic, seamlessly blending light-colored hardwood with elegant metal accents. This design showcases the expansive variety within Presidential’s collection of pool tables. Similar to other offerings by Presidential, the Roosevelt allows for customization with multiple options in size and felt colors, ensuring a personalized touch to suit individual preferences.

4. Diamond Billiard Products

About the Brands: Due to its precise engineering and steadfast commitment to professional standards, Diamond Billiard Products stands as the favored choice for sanctioned pool tournaments.

For those seeking a pool table to refine their skills for tournament play, Diamond Billiard Products is the ultimate choice. Diamond’s pool tables are meticulously crafted for professional use, a fact underscored by their extensive presence in over 100 major pool tournaments.

Established in 1987 in Louisville, Kentucky, the company set out with a singular objective: to produce top-quality pool tables specifically designed for tournament play. Notable offerings include the PRO-AM and Professional line, both highly acclaimed for their robustness and strict adherence to professional standards.

Top Products:

  • Diamond Black PRC Pool Table: The Black PRC stands out not only for its exceptional material quality but also its impressive playability. It is engineered with a one-piece 1-inch slate design, a feature that positions it as the favored choice among numerous professional players.
  • Diamond Paragon Pool Table: This remarkable table showcases elegantly curved legs and a construction crafted from premium hardwood maple, making it a perfect fit for more refined and sophisticated decor. Not only does it boast an aesthetic appeal, but it also maintains the exceptional build quality and playability characteristic of Diamond’s tournament-grade pool tables.
  • Diamond Professional Pool Table: Renowned for its precision design and advanced wedge-leveling system, the Professional model is among the most extensively utilized pool tables in sanctioned tournaments.

5. Great American Recreation Equipment

About the Brands: Great American is a major supplier of commercial pool tables to bars and pool halls, solidifying its position in the industry.

Almost anyone who has spent time in a pool hall has likely come across pool tables from Great American, headquartered in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Recognized as one of the nation’s largest commercial suppliers of pool tables, the company has established a strong presence. Their tables are engineered to endure rigorous usage, constructed with sturdy hardwood laminate, metal rails, corner protection trims, and robust steel supports.

Distinguishing them from typical home-use pool tables, Great American’s offerings come with built-in coin slots and a secure locking mechanism for ball containment and release. Additionally, the company provides options for non-coin operated models, catering to a diverse pool table market.

Top Products:

  • Great American Eagle Pool Table: Constructed with robust ¾-inch plywood and featuring a durable mahogany Formica laminate and sleek chrome finish, this pool table boasts exceptional sturdiness. It is reminiscent of a well-built tank, promising longevity and enduring quality. Adding to its functionality, the table comes equipped with a five-coin mechanism for a convenient gaming experience.
  • Great American Monarch Pool Table: This particular model upholds the robust construction standards synonymous with Great American’s pool tables, minus the coin mechanism.
  • Great American Legacy Pool Table: The Legacy model proudly incorporates Great American’s renowned anti-cheat dump bar system, a feature highly valued in commercial halls for its effectiveness in preventing any attempts to cheat the table for free play. In line with the brand’s commitment to quality, it also maintains the same rock-solid construction found in other Great American tables.

How We Selected the Top Pool Table Brands

To arrive at our curated list of the 5 best top pool table brands, we applied a diverse set of criteria. Our goal was to pinpoint brands that deliver a combination of quality craftsmanship and reasonable pricing. When evaluating higher-end brands, we paid close attention to well-established names with solid reputations and a rich history of producing exceptional pool tables.

The manufacturers featured in our selection prioritize the use of premium materials, such as robust solid hardwood construction, K66 rubber for bumpers, and 1-inch-thick slate surfaces. Moreover, these brands offer a broad range of styles to cater to diverse preferences. In addition to premium options, we also incorporated manufacturers known for producing quality pool tables at more affordable price points, making our list inclusive for those seeking a budget-friendly purchase.


In conclusion, when it comes to investing in a top pool table brands, quality and craftsmanship are paramount. The top pool table brands for 2023 excel in delivering superior playing experiences, durability, and design variety to suit diverse tastes. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a casual enthusiast, these brands offer the assurance of a great investment that will elevate your gaming space and provide years of enjoyment. Explore the options, choose a brand that resonates with you, and indulge in the pleasure of the game.

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